Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg


Archaeoastronomy through the Ages
Archaeoastronomy through the Ages is a compelling exploration of a fascinating interdisciplinary topic written on a grand scale. The book is designed as an academic textbook for use in astronomy and archaeology courses, but it also has 150 beautiful illustrations and photographs and is very reader friendly, making it an excellent choice for any independent scholar who enjoys archaeoastronomy, celestial navigation, ancient myth and science. It is suitable as a textbook for undergraduate archaeoastronomy courses and as a supplementary textbook for astronomy, archaeology, anthropology, history or religion courses.

The scope of the project is tremendous and covers the topic of archaeoastronomy through an amazing array of cultures both past and present. The full title is Archaeoastronomy through the Ages: An Exploration of Astromythology, Celestial Navigation and Cosmology in the Ancient and Tribal Worlds and the book is set out with chapters devoted to particular archaeoastronomical concepts and specific regions, ideal for classroom use.

In the New World, the textbook covers topics such as Mesoamerican astro-architecture, Skidi Pawnee star charts, and the dark constellations of the Inca. Other chapters explore subjects such as the orientations of moai on Rapanui and Polynesian celestial navigation in the author's native Hawaii and the use of Viking sunstones. A discussion of megalithic astronomy, Chinese oracle bones, Egyptian star gods, ancient Greek analog computers, Near Eastern zigurats, and ancient Indian solar observatories leads one on an intense journey of exploration throughout Europe and Asia. Australian stingray constellations, celestial iconography at Angkor Wat and Borneo, and the rich tribal star lore of Africa round out this world wide tour of astro-archaeology.

The facts are well researched, with innovative new material and are presented in an interesting fashion. At the same time, the text explores difficult concepts in a clear and easily understandable manner that will be of benefit to students and researchers alike.

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