Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg

Archaeoastronomy through the Ages

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From ancient Egyptian temples aligned to the stars and Babylonian celestial goddesses, to Hawaiian celestial navigation in voyaging canoes, Archaeoastronomy through the Ages redefines the subject of archaeoastronomy. It is a stunning exploration of the topic, from the point of view of a scholar who has done high- level research in both astronomy and archaeology, both at NASA and at Oxford University, and created and taught archaeoastronomy courses.

This book reads like an archaeoastronomical adventure or travel narrative, and at the same time, clearly and concisely explains challenging and cutting edge astronomical and archaeological concepts. It is lushly illustrated, with photographs from world class photographers and original illustrations. The text is innovative in its approach, presenting a good deal of original and fascinating material along the way. Convergences between archaeology and astronomy and parallel myths ignite the imagination. Do not miss this one!
--Don Osterbrock,U.C. Santa Cruz

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