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The History of "Archaeoastronomy through the Ages"


Seana Elizabeth Fenner has recently authored the textbook Archaeoastronomy through the Ages. The original manuscript has been accepted for publication by an academic textbook publisher and may be available as early as 2018. She also is working on a book on Odinist ritual. For further information, email 


Seana Fenner's career experience in astronomy includes having worked as an operating assistant for the NASA Infrared Telescope. on top of Mauna Kea (the White Mountain) in Hawai`i, and as a lecturer for the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Hawai`i, where she created and taught two archaeoastronomy courses: Archaeoastronomy and Renaissance Astronomy and the Age of Exploration


The Author has visited a great many of the sites referred to in her book personally. Archaeoastronomy through the Ages is based upon experience and insights gained though numerous archaeological fieldwork and research expeditions, mostly funded by grants from the University of Oxford. These expeditions were made primarily in Italy, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, the U.K, and Egypt. In regard to the Polynesian content, in Hawai`i, Fenner has arranged archaeoastronomical research expeditions and field trips for her colleagues and students featuring Polynesian celestial navigation in Hawaiian voyaging canoes, stargazing at the summit of Mauna Kea, and visits to remote and ancient Hawaiian navigational heiaus (temples).


Other photographs and references to archaeoastronomical sites that are featured in the book are derived from travels made when the Author served as an archaeoastronomy lecturer for the Harvard Museum of Natural History on a round-the-world archaeoastronomy expedition, exploring sites in Egypt, Cambodia, Rapanui (Easter Island), India, Papua New Guinea, the U.K., Dubai, Samoa, Guatemala, and Peru. Her latest fieldwork project was a study of the ancient megalithic henge at Callanish in the Outer Hebrides, where she studied the "capturing the Moon" effect created by ancient astronomers that occurs once every two decades.


Biographical and Academic Background


Seana Fenner is originally from Miami, Florida. As a teenager, she was an athlete, dancer, and actor, placing in local marathons, performing Middle Eastern dance for dramatic performances, and playing the lead in several plays. During this time period, she worked as a life guard and managed a health club.


Fenner entered Barry University as part of an early admission program at the age of 16, and obtained a Bachelors degree in history and English literature, with a minor in religion. She did her graduate work at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A. and the University of Oxford in England. Fenner did archaeological research on ancient art, languages, and science, the Oxyrhynchus papyri of Egypt, archaic and classical sculpture and architecture, especially temple architecture, and ancient Greek vases of all styles and time periods. She also explored minor arts, such as the study of seals, gems, and numismatics. Her specialty is iconography, the same as that of her former supervisor at Oxford, Sir John Boardman. While at Oxford, Fenner served as the aerobics instructor for the Oxford Rowing Team. Currently, Fenner manages the Oxford Alumni Society for the Hawaiian Islands, which has occasional social events on various islands.


Choreography and Music


While in Hawai`i, Fenner has acted as choreographer for a group of Italian Renaissance court dancers, the Dancers del Vulcano Impetuoso, who have performed at Kilauea Theatre and for the "Shakespeare in the Park" production of Much Ado about Nothing.. She has taught Renaissance dance at the the University of Hawai`i Community College, and has given Middle Eastern Dance seminars for the Volcano Art Center and the Naniloa Resort. Fenner has sung for various choral groups such as the Chamber Singers and the ancient music group, Mirth and Merriment.


Botany, Astronomy, and Natural History


Natural history is an area in which Seana Fenner has been strongly involved. She has spent time living and traveling in South America and South East Asia, particularly in Borneo, in connection with various botanical garden projects. In Hawai'i, Seana Fenner has volunteered as a rare plant specialist at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park and as a star gazing guide on Mauna Kea . She has been a guide for numerous natural history tours in Hawai'i, including birding, botany, and vulcanology forays at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, snorkeling excursions, and trips to the summit of Mauna Kea for stargazing, and has served as a lecturer for the Harvard Museum of Natural History expedition to the Hawaiian Islands. She was elected to membership in the Explorers Club in 2005.


Odinism and Pro European Activism


Seana Fenner, who is also known as Odinia, is an Odinist gythia (priestess) and the founder of the native European religious organization, Odinia International . She is dedicated to the cause of preserving native European people and their culture and restoring the indigenous religion of European ancestry folk. She has made video documentaries with original research on Odinism which you can view on this page below, or on theOdinistpodcast Station on Youtube,


In addition to providing Odinist services, Odinia works on achieving equal rights for Odinists in America, and elsewhere. In the United States, we are guaranteed equal religious rights by the Constitution, but European ancestry people are effectively not granted equal rights to practice their religion in actual practice. If you are interested in this subject, google the online article called, "Cookie Censorship! Jewish Chabad Lubavitch events published while Nordic Odinia International events are suppressed". 


Seana Fenner, or Odinia, also is active in trying to uphold the freedom of speech guarantee in the Constitution, and in efforts to protect speech in other European heritage nations as well, most notably in regard to authors, and others being jailed for denying the Jewish version of the "Holocaust", for example, by stating provable facts which conflict with it, an act that can be punished with jail time now in 17 countries. She is opposed to the constant onslaught of attacks against sacred European religious symbols and people made by terrorist Jewish supremacist organizations such as theADL and theSPLC as well.


If you are not familiar with Odinism, the native religion of ethnic Europeans, you may wish to look at Odinia International's main website at Odinia is the editor of The Odinist Journal Foxfire, and the writer and presenter of The Odinia International video redes (sermons) and blóts (rituals), which you can watch here:

If you wish to receive more information about Odinism, would like to apply for membership at Odinia International, or submit an article for publication, contact our Odinist temple headquarters at or Tel. (808) 985 -8580. See also our main website,

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